Worthy Park Estate


The Valley is surrounded by Cockpit Mountains shown in the background.

The Distillery produces Pot Still rum which is the flavorful blending rum preferred by most blenders. Our custom designed Copper Pot Still has a capacity of 18,000 litres of charge and produces 4,000 liters of absolute alcohol per 24 hour day.

We are offering Jamaican style Pot Still Rum for sale in bulk. The three types of rum offered are Light Pot Still Rum (ester range 60-119), Medium Pot Still Rum, (ester range 120-239), and Heavy Pot Still Rum (ester range 240-360).

We export in bulk liquid shipping containers which hold 22,000 litres to 25,000 litres of rum at 85% alc/vol. During 2005, only unaged rum will be available however we are aging rum for future bulk rum sales. We would welcome any discussion with potential customers for bulk rum in smaller parcels.

The Copper Pot Still and other Boiling vessels.

The top section of the Pot Still is called the gooseneck.

How Rum Is Made

Rum is made from molasses or cane juice. Molasses is the by-product of raw sugar production from sugarcane. The process involves fermentation and distillation. Fermentation is the process by which the alcohol is made, whereas distillation is where the alcohol is boiled off and concentrated. Both the fermentation and distillation process and equipment used affect the flavour and identity of the rum. Fermentation begins with the dilution of molasses and the addition of carefully selected yeast. Depending on the flavour profile being targeted, the yeast selected and the fermentation time are determined. The fermentation stage ends when all the sugar in the molasses has been consumed by the yeast. The result is "Dead Wash" which contains 7-10% alcohol by volume.

The most unique and flavourful Jamaican rum is made in Pot Stills. The design and operation of the Pot Still will also affect the flavour of the product. The distillation process begins with the dead wash being boiled in the Pot Still and its subsequent vessels. The alcohol boils at a lower temperature than water and the vapors from the boiling pot are condensed and consist of concentrated alcohol. The final product will be approximately 85% alcohol by volume.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, rum is often aged. Aging of Jamaican Rum is traditionally done in 200 litre American White Oak barrels. Jamaica is known to have the ideal climate for aging rum. The barrels impart both flavour and colour to the rum which starts as a colourless liquid.

Wooden Vats made of American White Oak.

Wooden Vats

One of the most important steps to prepare for fermentation is Yeast Development. The type and source of the yeast is important to making flavourful rum. In this stage the yeast grows and multiplies to a volume and maturity required for full scale fermentation. Worthy Park develops yeast for both Light Pot Still rum and Heavy Pot Still Rum. The yeast for Heavy Pot Still Rum is nurtured in our large wooden vats. These vats are made of slats of American White Oak strapped together without any lining or sealant. The wooden vats are crucial for maintaining consistency of the feedstock for fermentation.

Yeast is cultured and analyzed in the Lab.


Worthy Park has installed the latest technology and equipment to ensure consistency and efficiency. All vessels and piping are stainless steel and are cleaned and sanitized using our automatic C.I.P. (Cleaning in Place) system. Our fermentation and distillation systems are highly automated and controlled by a touch screen display. We have a primary water treatment system for fermentation and a secondary water treatment system for diluting distillate.


The lab is the nerve center of the entire process. As a result we have spared no expense to equip our lab. Yeast Development, Fermentation and Distillation will all be simulated in the Lab to ensure the highest quality and consistency. The lab is also equipped for product development and blending experiments. All rums produced can be analyzed by our Gas Chromatograph machine.

Stainless Steel vessels for storage and blending.


The storage tanks are more than adequate to ensure that complete shipping loads are available when scheduled. These stainless steel storage vats are all equipped with mechanical mixers for blending different profile rums. Worthy Park also ages rum in 200 litre American White Oak Barrels. Our facility has been built with expansion in mind and we are prepared to handle the growth in the demand for our rum.